Amy L. Benevento


Imagine a paradise gone wrong

Amy L. Benevento was born in Syracuse, New York. She graduated from Oswego State University of New York, with honors majoring in English and art. She is a fifth degree black belt and has owned Red Sun Academy of Martial Arts for 23 years, teaching Jo Kwon Chi and Tai Chi. She owns and operates Blue Star Graphic Services.  Amy Benevento lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband, Rob, and her dog, Pony.

Amy enjoys drawing and painting, and her artwork is displayed throughout her home, and also inside friends’ homes.  She currently runs a Book Club, and has done so for over ten years, along with an Entrepreneurial Group, and a social group called FROG that has over 1700 members.  She has organized several events and has lined up various well known authors and speakers for the Raleigh Publishing group.   She participates in the Big Brother Big Sister program, teaches water aerobics, and heads the annual Ghost Walk in downtown Raleigh, a fundraiser to help prevent cruelty to animals.  Amy enjoys tennis, biking, history, and canoeing.

The Author

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